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  1. Site Analysis: Assessment of the property’s features and limitations of the site.

  2. Conceptual Design: Creation of preliminary design ideas based on the client’s preferences and requirements.

  3. Master Planning: Development of a comprehensive long-term landscape plan that outlines the overall vision for the property and implementation strategies.

  4. Plant Selection: Recommendations for suitable trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants based on the site’s climate, soil conditions, and aesthetic goals.

  5. Hardscape Design: Designing elements such as pathways, patios, decks, retaining walls, and other non-plant features to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the outdoor space.

  6. Irrigation Design: Planning and installation of irrigation systems to ensure proper water distribution to plants and lawns.

  7. Lighting Design: Creating outdoor lighting schemes to enhance safety, security, and ambiance during the evening hours.

  8. Water Features: Design and installation of water elements like ponds, fountains, and waterfalls to add a soothing and attractive aspect to the landscape.

  9. Outdoor Living Spaces: Designing areas for outdoor kitchens, seating, dining, and entertainment, including the arrangement of furniture and accessories.

  10. Sustainable Design: Incorporating eco-friendly practices such as xeriscaping, rain gardens, and native plant selection to conserve water and support local ecosystems.

  11. Site Grading and Drainage: Ensuring proper grading and drainage solutions to prevent water accumulation and erosion issues.

  12. Lawn Design: Planning and installation of lawns, including turf selection and maintenance recommendations.

  13. Project Management: Overseeing the implementation of the landscape design plan, including coordinating with contractors and ensuring quality control.
  14. Permitting Assistance: Assisting clients in obtaining necessary permits and approvals for landscaping projects, especially for larger-scale designs.

  15. Outdoor Structures: Designing structures like pergolas, gazebos, and outdoor fireplaces for added functionality and aesthetics.

  16. Remodeling: We will work with you to take your space to the next level and aesthetically functional for your needs.
  17. Drought-Tolerant Landscapes: Creating landscapes that require minimal water resources, ideal for arid climates.

This is an overview, but not limited to the above list.  We are happy to work to create a space that transforms your outdoor living!

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